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Safety Matters.
Accidents are Preventable.

Hersey Demolition prioritizes safety first. Demolition work can be hazardous, but we believe that all accidents are preventable and that a zero-accident safety record is achievable.

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Hersey Demolition is committed to ensuring that our safety policies and practices reflect the highest industry standards for each project. These safety protocols are followed, maintained and reviewed regularly to ensure safe practices are continiously updated and improved. Each team member has taken extensive health and safety training, including WHMIS training, and is assessed regularly by the on-site supervisor to ensure they are fit for duty.

Out team members, as well as contractors, consultants and subcontractors, are all subject to upholding these safety initiatives because no work is so important that it cannot be done safely. Accident prevention and ensuring the safety of all project team members remains our top priority.

If you're looking for rewarding work that leaves you feeling accomplished at the end of the day, Hersey Demolition can pave the way ahead! We provide team members with opportunities to learn something new and grow professionally. Learn more about our company culture and career openings by clicking below.